I'd like to share with you some of our favorite restaurants in Shanghai. They are quite popular and most of the people who live here, probably now those places. But if you are moving to Shanghai, are new or having a vacation this could be interesting.

1. Madison
    Very good brunch! Love the chicken waffle sandwich, pancakes with strawberry butter
    and eggs Benedict!

2. Lost Heaven
    Chinese Yunnan cuisine! The ancient trail chicken (crispy grilled) is my favorite!
    Unfortunately, It just takes forever till its finally on your plate….

3. Sproutworks
    Kind of healthy food! Great lunch deal, can't go wrong with quinoa salad and kale.

4. Mr Willis
    Western style restaurant! Really like the steak tartar! Their salad with figs is also great!

5. CaliBurger
    I know, I know…it's no restaurant - it's just junk food…but i can't help myself, love their
    cheeseburger and wildfries!

6. Elementfresh
    Very good salads! Grilled salmon salad and Greek salad with lamb are my favorite.

7. Jstone 
    Italian restaurant! Could eat pizza prosciutto with rocket all the time.

Sproutworks - quinoa and kale

Lost Heaven - crispy grilled chicken

Madison - chicken waffle sandwich and eggs Benedict

Mr Willis - steak tartar with grilled mushrooms

Caliburger - cheeseburger with french fries

Elementfresh - grilled salmon salad

Jstone - pizza prosciutto with rocket