Furry friends

Let me introduce our two cats - Monty a typical white Chinese cat and Bluebell a gray British shorthair. They are members of our family since February and both are from Shanghai. Monty was even born in our apartment…unintentionally! His mom was a stray cat, long story…

Actually, I really wanted a dog for a long time. When we came to Shanghai i was begging my husband to get a puppy for almost 3 months! End of story - we didn't get a dog, but we could agree on two cats ;) I'm so happy with this decision now. Since we travel a lot, it is not ideal to have a dog. It is way easier to leave cats at home alone with a petsitter, (checking on them once a day while we are away) than doing this to a dog.

Although our two cats make a bunch of work and sometimes are a pain in the ass, we love them to death (yes, even my husband) and wouldn't miss them anymore in our lives. 

Come on, look at those faces… aren't they cute? :)