Since we live in Shanghai we haven't been to the cinema once, as there are not many western movies being released in China.(only 34 international films are shown in the cinemas per year) Back in Germany, I went there almost weekly with my friends. But the good thing - you can buy nearly every movie that has been released recently at a "copy"- DVD store or on the streets for just a few kuai. (8-15rmb = 1-2 Euro). Most of the movies are in English, some are in French or Chinese. At first it was a little bit strange for me to watch everything in English, as my mother tongue is German. But now I've totally gotten used to it. Especially Tv shows I prefer to watch in English now, it just sounds much more authentic! For example Game of Thrones - sounds awful to me in German - the translations of the names of cities and protagonists are ridiculous.

My best friend gave me the complete tv-show "Lost" on DVD as a birthday gift last summer. I was very excited because it was original and bought in Germany, so that my husband and I could have watched it in German language... but then we decided rather to watch it in English, it just sounds much better :)

Of course, I'm still struggling quite often in understanding everything, especially when the conversations in the movies are very difficult, very fast spoken or with a strong accent. In this case English subtitles do help a lot. The main reason watching movies in English for me, besides just sounding cooler, is the advantage of improving my language skills, there are so many words and common sayings which I have learned in the past months just because of watching movies and tv shows - and yes, as you can see we do watch a lot… :)