Treasure hunting

Last weekend, we had a shopping experience of a different kind. We were shopping at… I would call it -  JUNKYARD!!! I heard about this place from friends and also read an article on Smartshanghai. It is a large warehouse located in Pudong, where you can buy "antiques", furniture, all kind of old chinese decoration and of course, a lot of trash. To be honest, in my opinion most of the stuff is garbage, but it was so much fun to stroll around and find some hidden treasures. If you like old and used stuff, you should definitely go there. Actually we found a few really nice pieces, but we didn't buy all of them. Either they were to expensive or our bargaining skills were just too bad ;)! I totally fell in love with 2 Chinese bronze bowls... hopefully I will get them next time. We bought one of the ceramic chairs which you can see in the pictures below, a cute little mouse figure, kind of a chinese box and some dishes.

When you go there bring a lot of time, an open mind and don't wear open shoes! I wore flip-flops…BIG MISTAKE! Back home my feet were totally dark, covered in dust and dirt.

Address is 1788 Ji Yang Lu, near Shangpu Lu (济阳路1788号)

You can go there by metro or taxi, the warehouse is located near Lingzhao Xincun metro
station Line 8. Click the link smartshanghai.com to read the article.
After you finish shopping, the Chinese guy from the "shop"can call you a cab to get back home.
(could happen that you need to wait for a long time till the taxi finds the way to the location)

the entrance

if you need a chair - this is the place to go :D

i really like those chairs/tables (you can buy them on taobao as well)