In my opinion, the Summer heat in Shanghai can be awful… especially in July and August - I can't stand these temperatures! About 40 degree Celsius paired with 80% humidity is just too much, it gives me nightmares. A lot of people recommended to go somewhere else during summer to escape from the heat. So did I!

In August, I flew to Germany and stayed there for a while. After that, I went to Croatia together with my family. We went to Korcula island and stayed there for 2 weeks in a village called Lumbarda, it used to be a small fisher village and is directly by the ocean. This wasn't the first time I have been there, it is kind of a family tradition for us to go to this island. When I was a child Lumbarda used to be our favorite holiday spot. As my Grandfather is from Croatia, he introduced this amazing place to us. I wasn't able to make it there the past few years… it felt like forever!

Don't expect anything extraordinary there, but this is definitely a special location to me. It seems like the time has stopped in this beautiful village and nothing has changed since my first visit when I was a young child. Same restaurants, same markets and almost the same people. It was a good feeling to be there again…I really missed this place.