Traditional Chinese ink painting

I always wanted to try Chinese ink painting. When we moved to Shanghai I was looking for the right course for several months. Unfortunately, it was not so easy. Most of the courses which are offered by schools are very expensive or there is a language barrier with the teacher.

Last week, I finally found the right workshop! I had 2 lessons so far and I absolutely love it! Chinese ink painting is very relaxing and calming for the mind - but also quite challenging.
In my opinion it's not easy, because there are so many different techniques to use the Brushes and it is totally different compared to acryl or oil painting. First of all, you have to get a feeling how to hold the brush und use the right amount of water and ink. The key to success is learning by doing… practicing practicing and practicing.

The workshop I am attending is called "Yuan Chinese in painting" and located in Puxi, Zhaojiabang Lu 768, near Zhaojiabang metro station line 9.

Usually we are 2- 6 students, the "master" Mrs Rhuizi Song and Tracy, who helps translating. They are both very lovely persons and the atmosphere in class is great! The price of the workshop is also very fair,  it cost 2000rmb for 10 classes (20 hours).

You don't need any painting experience. I absolutely recommend this workshop to anybody who is interested in art and would like to try something new.

If you would like to get some more informations - contact Tracy: tracyxu166@126.com

first attempt - grapes

my first "water town" painting