It's already 2 weeks ago since we've returned from our trip to Myanmar.

Travelling in Myanmar was a great experience and an adventure - quite exhausting though!  It is a very interesting and diversified country, there is a lot to see and explore. Since Myanmar is open for tourism just a few years, it is not that floated yet. I would definitely recommend you to travel there ASAP. Who knows for how long this country will stay so calm and naturally as it is right now. On our trip we went to three different locations - Yangon, Bagan and Ngapali.

First stop - capital city Yangon.

Well, theres not that much to say… Yangon is crowded and looks very dirty -  it is vibrant, loud and bustling! We had a driver for one day who drove us around the city to the famous sightseeing spots. We stayed at the Shangrila hotel, which was ok. The temples and pagodas are very beautiful and impressive, also the fabric and souvenir market is worth to go. In my opinion 2 days in this city are enough to see the most important things.

Second stop - Bagan

This city was definitely my favorite part of our travel! Bagan is very popular for its pagodas and temples. Usually I'm not that much into temples, but the pagodas in Bagan are so different and unique! I was really impressed! Seeing the sunsets and sunrises from top of them was absolutely stunning. 

The hotel we stayed was a small boutique hotel called "Blue Bird", which was really nice. Very relaxing and nice atmosphere. Bagan is also famous for their "laquerware". It is an old hand painting tradition. You can buy all kind of souvenirs of those laquerwares, for example dishes, bowls, boxes…

Third stop - Ngapali beach (Thandwe)

The last 4 days of our vacation, we stayed at a resort at the Ngapali Beach. After almost one week of sightseeing in cities and a lot of hassle, it was nice just to relax and take it easy at the beach with some cocktails. Ngapali Beach is not as crowded as for example most of the beaches in Thailand, but if you are  planning to have just a beach vacation - you do not need to go Myanmar for that. The beaches there, at least Ngapali beach (according to the travel book it is one of the most beautiful beaches there) is nothing special. You just can head to Phuket or Ko Samui and you will have the same beaches, in my opinion even nicer. People there were very friendly and the food also good and cheap. The resort which we chose - "Amata Spa" was just soso… The amenities like pool and restaurant were nice but the rooms definitely not worth the money. Very old and outworn, for a 4 star resort kind of a joke. Some people might think now - the rooms are not important because most of the time you are outside blabla… thats true, but honestly if you pay more than 200 Bucks per night - a certain standard can be expected. But after complaining, we got a "better"/ renewed room and it was ok, but I would not choose this resort again.