Holidays in Germany

My apologies, I haven't blogged for more than 2 months...

We were in Germany during Christmas and New Year's eve. It was really nice to spend the holidays  with our families and friends. Enjoying the snow, clear sky, fresh air and eating good and "inexpensive" food was daily routine - the harder it was to go back to Shanghai in January. Don't get my wrong I like to live here, I really do - but this time, returning "home" to China felt different. I don't know why...probably after staying almost a month in Germany, I got used to the normal life. When I say normal life, I mean the feeling you have, when everything is like it used to be - walking around in the city, where everybody understands what you are actually saying - NO Language barrier , People are polite and helpful, no hassle - no crowds, fresh air to breath, tap water you can drink, going to supermarket - no overpriced groceries and just spending time with friends like in good old days.

So after arriving in Shanghai, I have to admit - I was not in the best mood. We also had some family problems back in Germany, that's why I also felt a little bit sad to be back here. In addition, the weather was not good and the pollution was high. Shanghai was cold and grey. The only thing which I was excited about, was seeing my cats again!

Now one month has passed already and being here feels kinda normal again. I was busy working on my portfolio, painting, having Mandarin classes and teaching German.

In almost one week it is "Chinese New Year" which means holidays for Chinese people and everybody will travel - so do we! We are leaving to the Philippines - Boracay Island! I am so excited and happy that we go there for two weeks! I'm looking forward to the sunshine, beach and spending some quality time with hubby!

That is how our luggage looks like when flying back to China...