If you are planning to visit Boracay - let me give you an advice… don't fly with Cebu Pacific Air!! Several people warned us, but we didn't listen. We thought it is a good idea to fly with this airline, so we could avoid a layover night in Manila. BIG MISTAKE! This Airline is a mess, totally unorganized! We talked to other passengers on the plane and they were also not pleased.

Surprisingly, there were no Chinese passengers on the flight from Shanghai to Manila, not a single one. Maybe it was because the Chinese holidays only started 4 days later.

However, our flight from Shanghai to Manila was delayed -  it was all messed up, we missed our connecting flight to Caticlan Boracay and almost ended up waiting 8 hours for the next one to a different airport (Kalibo) which would have included an additional 2 hour bus ride from Kalibo to Caticlan. Luckily we could jump on another direct flight to Caticlan on standby with just 3 hours delay…other flights were also delayed, so the passengers missed their flight and we could get in. Most upsetting was the unorganized behaviour of the airline ground staff with a total lack of communication.

But the worst was still to come on our return trip from Boracay to Manila...
Our actual flight has been booked for the 28th February. It got cancelled and due to several mistakes of Cebu Pacific Air, they rebooked us to 28th of MARCH! We have not been informed and learned about this at the end of our vacation at the airport in Boracay! Can you imagine? What a disaster… our flight was seriously a month later than we thought. After long discussions and uncertainty because all flights were fully booked, we flew to Hongkong and ended up booking a new flight from HK to Shanghai with Dragonair. We finally arrived at home at 4AM on Sunday.

Except of this huge fuck up, our holidays were really nice. Especially the second week was oustanding. We stayed at the Nami Resort at Diniwid beach and at the Shangri-la Resort. I can highly recommend both of it. Very private, relaxing and not crowded! The first week we stayed at the Le Soleil Hotel, which was ok. It is located at Station 2 at the White beach and is good to get familiar with the center of the small island. A lot of restaurants, bars and shops are there. I knew that it would be crowded, especially during CNY…but daaamn, so many people, especially Chinese people? Jesus christ - they are everywhere, aren't they? But Anyway, it was a very nice vacation and we enjoyed Boracay very much!

famous "white beach"

If you have the chance, try an Ube Milkshake... i love it!

White beach was always packed, especially during CNY.

Puka shell beach, about 15 min with tricycle away from white beach. Definitely worth a visit! Very relaxing...

The Nami Resort on the Cliffs at Diniwid beach. The View up there is amazing!!!

The view from our room was EVERYTHING!!
still dreaming about the jacuzzi :)

Try to visit the Nami restaurant! I would recommend daytime - Breakfast or Lunch, delicious food and you will have the best view on Boracay!

our last few days at the Shangrila resort! Highly recommended! 

The privat beach at the Shangrila, it was soo quiet. Total opposite of crowded white beach!