Interior decoration

I want to show you a few things which we bought since we've moved here! Most of the decorations in our apartment are from Taobao or markets.

 I've always wanted one of those stag-heads, which you can put on the wall. (of course no real one) Finally in Shanghai a found one! It is just plastic, but you can't really tell from a certain distance. Especially the white color looks nice. Get it here:

 Vintage trunk - we bought it from swedish expats who were repatriating. It is very used and old, but i  love the vintage look. Was a good bargain!
There are a lot of old trunks for sale at the "junk yard" in Pudong, check out this blogpost "Treasure hunting" 

 Picture "China map" - I bought it when we moved here. It will be a nice memory of living in China, once we have moved back to Germany.. or anywhere else :-)

Fortune cat -  I know it's tacky, looks cute though. Actually I think it's Japanese not Chinese? Whatever...you can find find it in almost every store, fake market or on taobao.

 Tailor made Pillow cases - from the fabric market. I picked some different colored fabrics for these. I love the vibrant colors and various pattern you can chose from - nice eye-catcher on the sofa.

 Tassels! I love Chinese tassels! It's a symbol for luck. I think they look really pretty on bags, as keychain or on drawers and lamps. Almost on everything :D

 Sheep skin, my cats love it ;-). We've got  3 different colors, looks so nice on the sofa or on chairs!
get it here:

Chinese ceramic "chair", available in many different colors!
get it here: