It is rain season in Shanghai. It rains almost all the time… Meanwhile, I'm dreaming of summer and the ocean. Unfortunately it will take a while until our next Beach vacation is calling. End of August we'll finally head to Bali! Before that, we still do trips to Beijing, Taipei and Germany. Looking so forward to that.

On this rainy and gloomy day, I am looking at old vacation photos and came across our Ibiza holiday in 2013. We stayed there for a week and had great time! I thought I show you some pictures to give you a little insight into the Balearic island.Ibiza is known to be the party island at all - which is true! You can party there all day and night! But Ibiza also has its quiet and romantic sides.Instead of the usual way of staying at a luxury hotel - we decided to rent a small private apartment. It was pretty inexpensive and basic - but definitely sufficient for our needs, because we were on the move almost all time. The only thing that annoyed me as hell, were the many geckos at the apartment!! At the Kitchen, sleeping room, bathroom… everywhere! When one of them unexpectedly jumped on my leg - I nearly had a heart attack! :-D

Since we had a rental car (which I would recommend to anyone), we were able to drive around and visit various beaches. Unfortunately, I was quite disappointed with most of the beaches, not because they were not nice but badly overcrowded!!!
We also made a day trip to the famous island of Formentera. What are holiday dreams made of? Exactly - beautiful white sandy beaches and clear turquoise water. You can have it all by visiting Formentera. This island is just nine kilometers away from Ibiza and is not for nothing called the "Carribean Island of the Mediterranean Sea"! Unfortunaltey it was also crowded at that time, (I must mention that we were in August there, that's high season) but definitely enjoyable and highly recommended to visit though.

What I really like about Ibiza is the good mix between hippie flair, romance, nice beaches and party! The old town Eivissa is beautiful, especially at night. Lots of great restaurants, bars, the harbor, night markets and super trendy small stores. The town has a long history and is one of the world's most historic sites given in monuments. Those who want to party hard can spend their nights at various famous clubs like Pacha, Space or Ushuaia which are all over the island. Another popular attraction is EsVedra. Maybe you've already heard about the this mysterious rock island. It is truly enchanting. There are a lot of myths and legends about it. Some say it was the island of the sirens in the Homer epics. Other say it is the tip of the sunken civilization Atlantis! There are much more stories and tales about it…

Ibiza is definitely a lovely balearic island which is worth to visit - there is something for everyone!

Cala Conta

romantic dinner at the rooftop of our apartment

EsVedra - the magical rock island

Beautiful sunset in St. Antonio

Formentera - creamy white sand beach with crystal-clear water

The Hippie market 

Formentera - Playa de ses Illetes


Tapas bar - La Bodega. Super delicious food!