The Bull & Claw

Another food post - lately we've been eating out a lot … :)

This restaurant is definitely worth to mention, because I do love lobster (and steak).
The Bull & Claw has opened around 2 weeks ago - but was already packed when we ate there. So better make a reservation when you plan to dine there on the weekend.

As the name implies "Bull & Claw" -  you only have the choice between beef and lobster.  I tried the combination of both. 1/2 lobster and a tender baby veal filet, which came with french fries and a tiny salad. Taste was great! As desert I had a "rhubarb-strawberry-mouse" (can't remember the right name, but something with rhubarb) soooo delish!

Food was good - price reasonable - we will come back :)

Location: 466 Xikang Lu near Kangding Lu


Website: http://www.thebullandclaw.com

"the bull & claw" combination  
Australian rib eye steak on the bone

the rhubarb-strawberry-crumble-mouse… soooo good!