Xinwei Cook

Xinwei Cook...

Ever heard of it? It is an online delivery service which makes cooking easier for everybody!
Unlike sherpa you get not delivered a ready to eat meal but one that still needs to be cooked.
Does this sound odd to you?
Well, I must admit at first I was a bit skeptical about Xinwei Cook, too!
Is this really something useful or totally unnecessary and complicated?

I had the chance to try two of their meals.
Now I must say after trying - I definitely like their concept! Everybody can create a gourmet meal at home even without outstanding cooking skills :)

On their website http://xinweicook.com you can order online and choose between various meals.
For example Western or Asian cuisine, fast food, salads, pasta, meat, fish, vegetarian…(not sure if there is something vegan though) Xinwei Cook really offers a wide range and some extraordinary combinations - Sauteed Prawn with Pitaya and Macadamia or Tiger Prawn on Squid Ink Pasta! Curious now? :)  Each set includes all the ingredients which you need to create a perfect meal. The good thing - you don't need professional cooking skills!  Everything has already been measured, portioned and vacuum packed. All you might need to do is chop a few vegetables and follow the instructions step by step… VoilĂ  - your gourmet meal is ready!

Now you probably wonder why not just go to the supermarket buy a few things and toss it in the pan? Or just simply order from Sherpa and save all the cooking? That was exactly what I was thinking!
Well, let me explain...

I bet everyone had before the following situation:  

You get home after work and you are very hungry! But your fridge is empty. Just an onion and a carrot are left. You are definitely not in the mood to go to the grocery store right now! Ok whatever, then you just are going to order something from Sherpa… but wait - now you have so many choices online that you  can't decide what you really want to eat!? You end up staring 30 minutes on your laptop thinking if you really should get Pizza again or the salad from Element Fresh which you always eat - while arguing with your partner what you are going to order now!? Finally both of you agreed for something, but it will take another 45 minutes until it will be delivered! By then… you probably starved ;-)

that's exactly the point at which you could use Xinwei Cook!

My recommendation: 
Simply order one day in advance (or same day, they deliver within inner ring of Shanghai in 45 minutes) , put the meal in the fridge and then for example cook on the next day in the evening. Saves you a lot of  time and hassle - no need to rush to the grocery store after work or spend a lot of money on Sherpa. Another positive aspect is that you know exactly what your dish contains. You see all the ingredients before you cook it - All of it is fresh! You can also decide how much oil you want to use. The prices for the meals are reasonable, it doesn't cost a fortune to have a nice Xinwei Cook gourmet meal.

Give it a try guys!

I tried the Stir - fried Marbled Beef with Poplar Mushroom and Cumin Sauce! Sounds fancy, right? It was really delicious, my husband loved it! It just took me about 15 minutes to cook it. The portion is quite big, definitely enough for one person. If you eat it with a side, for example rice it will be enough for two people. 

tadaaa….ready to eat :)