Dirndl made in Shanghai

Hi again!
I am in Bali at the moment - relaxing at the pool and drinking a cocktail ;-)
I decided to write a quick post as I haven't blogged for a long time!

This post is more for my German readers ...
The countdown is on - in about two weeks the famous Oktoberfest aka "Wiesn" begins in Munich. Before we moved to Shanghai I lived in Munich for 3 years! I love this city and I'm also a big fan of the Oktoberfest and was quite often there. The Most important thing about the Oktoberfest is the right outfit - the dirndl! I just love Dirndl! I find them beautiful and feminine. I think it suits every woman! There are many different dirndl - modern, traditional, various lengths and colors!

There is one Stall at the Shanghai South Bund Fabric Market where dirndl can be made. ( I am not sure if this is the only stall who can make it, if you know others please let me know!) It is on the second floor and you will recognize the stall because there is a dirndl outside on a display dummy.

The standard price for a regular dirndl with blouse is about 700RMB.
Last year I had one dirndl made there, but I was in a rush and didn't really have time for alterations.
The Dirndl was too big in the end and the apron didn't really match,  but I needed it for the next day - the Oktoberfest at Paulaner in Shanghai! (boring and not worth to go in my opinion, can't really compare it with the real Wiesn)

When you decide to have a dirndl made at the tailor, expect to go to there at least twice because I'm pretty sure it won't fit at first time. They always make it too big... well better than too small I guess.
Anyway I think they make a pretty good job, even if I have to tell them everything at least three times because they always forget stuff and are sloppy. But 700RMB compared to normal Dirndl prices are a very a good deal, as for that money you mostly just get rubbish cheap dirndl in Germany. A really nice high quality designer Dirndl can cost up to 700Euro. Normal Dirndl between 150-250Euro.

Next week I will pick up my new Dirndl at the fabric market. It is powder pink and raspberry color.
I will make a new post about it and show you how it turned out :-)

Some Dirndl inspirations which I really like :)