One month in Germany

Hi guys, 

since mid of October I'm back in Shanghai. I stayed in Germany for one month, as usual I had a great time there! I was visiting my friend in Stuttgart - afterwards I met my husband in Dusseldorf - we went to Cologne for a friend's wedding - then I drove to Munich for  the Octoberfest - After that my girlfriends and I went to Salzburg for a weekend and last but not least - I stayed at my parents' place for the rest of my holidays!

I just realized we'll  have our "2 years anniversary in Shanghai" soon! Time flies!
Before that we are flying to Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam. It will be a 2 week trip with a tour guide.
We have a full schedule every day...that means it will be super exhausting! Anyways, I am excited about it! I hope it will be fun. 

Brunch Salzburg
Bildunterschrift hinzuf├╝gen


original "Sacher-Torte"

Cafe Sacher

Giant Pizza at Losteria

Octoberfest aka "Wiesn"

Typical food at Octoberfest - Chicken and potato salad