What I really like about living in China

We recently hit the "2 years living in Shanghai" mark!
By the way....happy new year to all of you!

Usually people always set goals for the new year... I don't. Nonetheless, I am thinking about the future and what the new year will bring. As our final year in Shanghai has approached, we are asking ourselves if we should should stay longer or go back to Germany for good? As you might now, I am in a love-hate relationship with this city. I often complain about things which I hate and annoy me but I also like it here and when I think about leaving I feel kinda sad! Omg...did I really just wrote that?!

So I thought - I should write down all the good things which I really like about living here and try rather to focus on the positive stuff than on the negative... So today only positive vibes!

1. Taobao - YES I LOVE IT. I do not know how I can live without it when we are back in Germany!
2. Grocery delivery - for example Epermarket... So convenient!
2. Fancy restaurants - there are so many different choices for eating out in Shanghai! Cheap local to top notch fine dining cuisine. 
3. International Community - It's so nice  to get to know people from all around the world. Even tough I am a loner by choice and don't have much friends here, it is really refreshing to NOT hang around all the time with Germans ;) 
4. Ayi (housekeeper) - I don't think I need to explain this any further...
5. Housing allowance - that means the apartment rent is being paid by the employer...
Did I ever mention that I love our Apartment? Can we please have the same in Germany too? That would be a dream! 
6. Tailor market - once in a while it is really cool to have a dress or a coat tailor made for a decent price.
7. Exploring Asia and travel around - whenever time allows